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3 weeks ago | 2:8

Tow foiling the southwest, supfoiling in the morning and towfoiling in the arvo

2 months ago | 1:24

After a grueling race at the Balmoral SUP X we all recovered and got into a race stand up paddle technique clinic hosted by James…

2 months ago | 0:34

Full Version Coming Very Soon

3 months ago | 1:1

James Casey and Benoit Carpentier make the most of the conditions on offer, despite the contest being called off.

4 months ago | 1:1

A few waves from a session aboard the Moon Tours Maldives Trip on my Sunova Surfboards Flash

4 months ago | 1:56

James Casey Tests out the revolutionary 2 Piece Stand Up Paddle Race Board designed by Sunova Surfboards

6 months ago | 2:8

Downwind Hydrofoil Surfing with James Casey and Forrest Ladkin. Gerroa was honking this day!

12 months ago | 3:39

James Casey continues his journey to iconic locations and this time he heads home to Sydney, Australia!

12 months ago | 7:3

Kick back, relax and watch 7:00 min of uninterrupted awesomeness - Follow Sunova Surfboards Hydrofoil Series with James Casey; Part 1 in Waikiki Beach and…


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