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1 year ago | 01:31

This board will take you from lakes to waves - RRD Air Evo Collection is the perfect allrounder inflatable board for everyone! It’s the real…

1 year ago | 01:30

Now, you can be on the water in any conditions! Check our RRD's new Evo Convertable line of inflatable boards can become the perfect companion…

1 year ago | 01:24

Can you imagine being able to go as fast on an inflatable board as you can on a full carbon board? This is what the…

1 year ago | 01:34

The RRD AIRSUP Convertible V4 is the perfect board program to ride waves as a SUP and enjoy learning how to windsurf! It is maneuverable,…

1 year ago | 2:5

This trailer looks pretty awesome! Somewhere Tomorrow is the story of a journey through a land of wonders: Friuli Venezia Giulia. A discovery through the…

2 years ago | 11:45

And here it is... tested and reviewed, check out RRD's 2018 LongSUP 9'4''! Looks like a pretty sweet ride, have you tried it? Let us know…

2 years ago | 02:31

100 SUPers paddling along the canals of Venice. Cool event put on by RRD! Who's paddled in Venice before? This is the RRD Surf'in Venice…

2 years ago | 01:22

Looking for a fun SUP to paddle this summer, the perfect tool for all the family and a multitude of disciplines? Check out the RRD…

2 years ago | 02:03

The new Razzle Dazzle 12'6 and 14 boards are out from RRD, and we're more excited than a toddler in a candy store, that might…