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1 month ago | 10:21

More than a year has passed since I succesfully crossed the legendary Skagerrak Strait between Denmark and Norway as the first person ever on a…

2 months ago | 8:24

The love for Adventure runs deep within my blood! This means I in general have a very hard time resisting wild challenges no matter if…

3 months ago | 2:30

A year has passed since I paddled 147 km to Norway and it's finally time to share the story of what really happened. The story…

4 months ago | 8:7

Before my hectic 2019 SUP season kicks into full gear, I seize an opportunity to go on the surftrip of my dreams. After countless hours…

5 months ago | 7:21

New Year. New Adventures. Same Old Viking! I am back with a new project for 2019 and we're calling it #VikingOnTour Last year's VLOGs were…

6 months ago | 1:2

Is Christmas 2019 in Jeopardy? From the top secret Christmas HQ in Cold Hawaii, Santa and his elves are ready to fly out into the…

7 months ago | 19:30

I try to be honest and openly share my feelings everytime I win and things go well. But part of losing for me is to…

7 months ago | 14:6

You guys asked for it! We are in China and are ready to give you a Behind-the-scenes look of how i prepare to defend my…


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