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1 week ago | 2:8

The WASP is here! Kai Lenny has been testing it out for us and getting some awesome hang time while taking his foil riding to…

1 year ago | 3:47

Kai VLOG 12. Last day of the winter season at Mavericks. It wasn't the biggest day but it was so fun nonetheless. Heres, Kai Lenny…

1 year ago | 2:2

Kai Lenny and Ian Gentil are foiling into the summer like... Filmed & Edited by: Christian Pacifico

1 year ago | 1:54

It's #wipeoutwedneday and we've got some of the most legendary surfers and crashes! 1:33 is messy! Grant Twiggy Baker, Kai Lenny, Kyle Thiermann, Manuel Resano,…

1 year ago | 2:2

You just gotta keep livin' man! Kai Lenny and Ian Gentil are back to summer foilsurfing!

1 year ago | 6:14

A MUST SEE - Lenny's commitment to pushing big-wave surfing is evident by the time and dedication he puts into the sport, watch the multi-faceted…

2 years ago | 8:16

Just an ordinary day in the life of Kai Lenny!¬†Scored some waves at Pipeline for the SUP division of the Da Hui Backdoor Shoot, attempted…

2 years ago | 1:9

Kai Lenny making it look easy - as always! Kai Lenny Foil Surfing Jaws Peahi Maui SONY 4K january 14, 2018 sunday making it look…

2 years ago | 13:53

Have you been wanting to get into SUP foiling or ¬†SURF foiling? Then you should definitely watch this! Kai Lenny's breaks down the key points…


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