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5 days ago | 1:47

Early downwind foiling rides with the 12'6 x 28 Bump Surfer and a GoFoil Maliko 280 in 2017. This board is on sale now for…

5 days ago | 4:59

Summer is here and SUP race season is in high gear. We need to make room in the shop so we are offering new and…

2 weeks ago | 5:18

I ordered a scubajet back in 2017 with the idea of mounting it on a foil to convert a regular foil into an efoil. It…

2 weeks ago | 3:39

A beautiful summer day at Ala Moana beach park, join the blue planet crew for a Stand Up Paddle clinic. Thank you for watching! If…

3 weeks ago | 13:36

At Blue Planet we have taught thousands how to Stand Up Paddle board. We have every possible beginner mistake but here is our lineup of…

4 weeks ago | 6:44

Foil fundraising event at Queen's beach in Waikiki on May 17, 2019. This event benefited Boy to Men Mentoring. The goal was to catch as…

1 month ago | 6:6

The pivot turn or step back turn is a great maneuver to practice in flat water that will help prepare you for SUP surfing, SUP…

1 month ago | 5:1

Learn how to SUP in just 5 minutes from Blue Planet founder Robert Stehlik. This is not a comprehensive lesson but goes over the basics…

2 months ago | 8:40

The Foil Strongbox is available now for the first time in limited quantities. Some background information on why we developed this box, how it's made…


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