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1 week ago | 4:32

Dan Gavere guides you through the best practice for getting up on a hydrofoil board using the Fanatic Hydrofoil Aero 2500 and Fanatic Sky SUP…

1 month ago | 5:18

I ordered a scubajet back in 2017 with the idea of mounting it on a foil to convert a regular foil into an efoil. It…

2 months ago | 13:36

At Blue Planet we have taught thousands how to Stand Up Paddle board. We have every possible beginner mistake but here is our lineup of…

1 month ago | 10:31

Is Nathan Florence the future if Tow-in Surfing!? I say YES. This is a behind the scenes of Kai's experience during the Tow-in Invitational.

1 month ago | 2:53

Mo Freitas takes on the outer reefs and Tahiti. Sit back and enjoy something you and I will never do.

2 months ago | 2:12

Mo Freitas takes on some secret west side ledges with his bother Marvin. #welivewater

2 months ago | 6:44

Foil fundraising event at Queen's beach in Waikiki on May 17, 2019. This event benefited Boy to Men Mentoring. The goal was to catch as…

2 months ago | 2:48

Want to Win this Drivable Art Piece by Jason Woodside? This luxury sedan is called the Cortex Cruiser and it can be all yours. Throughout…

4 weeks ago | 1:23

We found the Tidal Bore located somewhere in France!

1 month ago | 4:31

Last month, with one of the best swells to hit Tahiti in years on the way, cinematographer Andrew Kaineder packed his water housing and RED…

2 months ago | 2:54

In the latest installment of Amp Sessions, underground rippers Josh Cattlin and Felix Leaver score barrels galore in northwest Australia. Eighteen-year-old Josh Cattlin and 19-year-old…

2 months ago | 6:4

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