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1 month ago | 1:28

I love trying new things. Especially if they're on the water. This is Wing Surfing! Edit: @MauiMarcc / Kai Waterman Media

2 months ago | 2:56

Sometimes cold water can be a blessing. Think of Ireland, for example: it holds some of the most incredible barrels, rippable walls and beautiful landscape…

4 weeks ago | 10:34

Afternoon hydrofoil session out front with good friend and Professional SUP athlete Brennan Rose!

2 months ago | 9:50

Step by step method to rig your O'pen Skiff for the first time and thereafter.

1 week ago | 6:6

The pivot turn or step back turn is a great maneuver to practice in flat water that will help prepare you for SUP surfing, SUP…

2 months ago | 2:27

SURFER Magazine is pleased to announce the completion of stop one of the 2019 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge. Cooperating winds and peaky 3-4ft+ waves throughout…

2 weeks ago | 00:44

2 weeks ago | 1:41

April saw the full spectrum of entertaining surf edits, which made the grading and ranking of the best ones more than a tad complicated. Luke…

2 weeks ago | 1:19

It's not uncommon for California to see early frontrunner south swells as early as March. That was not the case this year. Mother Nature was…

2 weeks ago | 5:1

Learn how to SUP in just 5 minutes from Blue Planet founder Robert Stehlik. This is not a comprehensive lesson but goes over the basics…

2 months ago | 2:34

Some sequences about longboard sessions on the Italian & French Riviera in February / March 2019. Song : Kazy Lambist - Headson Camera : Philippe…


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