March stirred a whole lot of variety into the melting pot of “Clips of the Month”. Jordy Smith snuck away to East Africa to link beastly carves and barrels, Nathan Florence locked in the most dramatic POV shot we’ve ever seen at Waimea Bay, Ian Crane got uber-tech on his backhand and oh so much more. But at the end of the day, it was the style and cleanliness of Kolohe’s ever-lofty backside grab reverse at San Clemente Pier that undoubtedly marked him the winner for March. Not only was it a stellar move, but the edit itself is filled with incredible surfing and adds some high-end water cinematography from the incredibly talented Pat Stacy (click here to re-watch in its entirety). This edit will be a force to be reckoned with come the 2019 SURFER Awards. But for now, his ender clip will take the cake this month.

#1 Kolohe Andino | San Clemente, California

Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#2 Nathan Florence | Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Filmed by Nathan Florence

#3 Ian Crane | Northern California

Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#4 Nic Von Rupp | Nazaré, Portugal

Filmed by Pedro Miranda

#5 Matt Bromley | Mullaghmore, Ireland

Filmed by Andrew Kaineder

#6 Koa Smith | Off The Wall, Hawaii

Filmed by: Lucca Biot

#7 Jack Freestone | Gold Coast, Australia

Filmed by Scotty Hammonds

#8 Jay Davies | Indonesia

Filmed by RVCA

#9 Chippa Wilson | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Ryan Mack

#10 Jordy Smith | East Africa

Filmed by Wesley Lewis

Fri 12th Apr, 2019 @ 8:15 am

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