Innovation is truly exciting, isn’t it? This unique piece of machinery, exceeds expectations, generating one heck of a ride. A forty five minute battery life jam packed full of pure joy. Watch this to the end, you’ll see.

Blue Planet Surf coming in hot with a fresh review for you on the newest viral surf sensation, Lift! This Electric Foil walked into our shop one day with a new friend named Nick, offering us the chance to try it first hand. We did, Rob Stehlik with the break down review.

We’ve discovered what it feels like to fly on water! You should try this too. Its ELECTRIC FOILING, and its damn good fun.

But what did we learn about it?
1. Lithium Battery,
2. Wireless hand held accelerator.
3. Guarded propellor, mounted above foil.
4. Forty Five minute battery life.
5. Can go really fast, Can surf, Can’t demolish reef. XD

Film: Rob Stehlik, Jeff Chang, Tyler Landon
Edit: Tyler Landon
Narration: Rob Stehlik
Lift Foil Rep: Nick

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Sat 9th Mar, 2019 @ 5:15 pm

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