Operations Manager Kevin Fung, walks us through the basics of Fin selection. Namely, how many fins you need, why fins are important, and how fins are constructed.

With most Blue Planet boards, there are five fin set ups you can use. #1 Single Fin.
#2 Thruster or (2 + 1).
#3 Quad Fin.
#4 Twin Fin
#5 Five Fin (Guitar Pick Center Fin)

In this video, Kevin explains which set up you’d want to use for certain conditions.

He also dives deep into the five basics to fin design.
#1 Base
#2 Height
#3 Rake
#4 Template
#5 Construction

Using this knowledge, complementary from Kevin, you will have all the resources you need to prepare your board for its next water adventure.

We feature a large assortment of Island Fin Design’s in this video. Feel free to contact our shop about Island Fin Design Inventory, or visit Island Fin Design website at: https://islandfindesign.com

We also feature a large assortment of Futures Fins in this video. Feel free to contact us about our Futures Fin inventory, or visit Futures website at: https://futuresfins.com

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