Rob Stehlik and a legendary Blue Planet Crew, compete in the incredible Big Board Classic 2019 at Makaha Beach Park. We bring you the best highlights and lifestyle moments from this amazing event. Drone footage of SUPSQUATCH, LONGBOARD, BODY BOARDING, CANOES and MORE!

Then, we show you just exactly what its like being on a SUPSQUATCH team with the BP team, with a P.O.V. showing of the 2019 Supsquatch round one. Rob, and his crew, battle it out against forty other teams to see who can do the coolest 360’s, survive the tallest drops, and attempt some Buffalo’s criteria maneuvers.

This was an honor to be a part of. Please enjoy this rare viewing of the 2019 Buffalo’s Big Board Classic.

Film: Rob Stehlik, Tyler Landon
Editing: Tyler Landon

Team Riders: Rob Stehlik, Sam Pa’e, Keoni, Micah, Tyler.

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Sat 23rd Feb, 2019 @ 7:15 pm

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