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2 days ago | 6:44

Foil fundraising event at Queen's beach in Waikiki on May 17, 2019. This event benefited Boy to Men Mentoring. The goal was to catch as…

2 days ago | 6:4

Steve Sherman’s Momentum Generation Archive

3 days ago | 2:54

In the latest installment of Amp Sessions, underground rippers Josh Cattlin and Felix Leaver score barrels galore in northwest Australia. Eighteen-year-old Josh Cattlin and 19-year-old…

7 days ago | 2:12

Mo Freitas takes on some secret west side ledges with his bother Marvin. #welivewater

1 week ago | 6:6

The pivot turn or step back turn is a great maneuver to practice in flat water that will help prepare you for SUP surfing, SUP…

2 weeks ago | 0:33

How to install a quick connect fin

2 weeks ago | 1:19

It's not uncommon for California to see early frontrunner south swells as early as March. That was not the case this year. Mother Nature was…

2 weeks ago | 2:48

Bart and I took our backpacks, inflatable Starboard paddle boards and 6 litres of water around four remote islands of Vanuatu! 10 days, 1 tent,…

2 weeks ago | 10:21

More than a year has passed since I succesfully crossed the legendary Skagerrak Strait between Denmark and Norway as the first person ever on a…


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