Robby Naish

Robby Naish

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Robby Naish posted a video
1 day ago

Leaving the Naish loft this afternoon on my way to the airport I passed by Schauss Glassblowing next door to check out this amazing blown glass skull that they were working on.... pretty rad! I am on my way to the Dusseldorf boat show boot Düsseldorf for a bit of promo and to ride some waves on the Citywave with my German friends. There’s nothing like surfing indoors when its literally freezing outside! I’ll be there this weekend so if you’re around come say howzit!

Robby Naish posted a video
4 days ago

Here’s a video of wind-foiling in Kailua. If anyone tells you it is too difficult or hard to learn, don’t listen. If they tell you that you need a race foil, super wide board or high performance race sail, don’t listen. Here I am riding the Hover 122 with Thrust foil and 90cm mast. My sail is a 5.7 meter Lift... three and a half batten soft sail that anyone can rig in about a minute. Wind is 10-15 knots... not really enough to get planing on normal windsurf gear, but enough to kite foil on a 9 or ride a twin tip with a 14-16 meter. And I am out windsurfing, flying around and having a blast!!

This is for all those people that “used to windsurf” but got tired of waiting for wind. This will bring the fun of just riding the wind back to you. If you are good enough to get into the footstraps and occasionally make your jibes, you are good enough to ride this foil gear. I meet people all over the world that tell me that they used to windsurf but stopped because the sport passed them by, the gear got too small and too complicated and they needed too much wind to have fun.... spending too much time waiting and chasing wind and not enough time actually windsurfing... so they moved on.

No, this is not as exciting as doing back loops or hitting the lip at Hookipa. But I have been windsurfing at the highest level through the entire evolution of our sport for over forty years, and I love this. So will you. Just windsurfing back and forth, reading the water, gliding with almost no resistance, going really fast with a small and simple sail... it really is incredibly fun. And yes, you do “feel” the water. If I look away from the front of the board for more than a few seconds, I drop off the foil. You are constantly making little adjustments,shifting your weight, sheeting in and out etc. you are not “disconnected” as some people have questioned.... this is real windsurfing. But you can do it and have fun in “normal conditions”... flat water and average winds that you can find pretty much anywhere.

If you know someone that “used to windsurf” and loved it.... send them this post.

I really feel this can bring windsurfing back to a lot of people. I hope that I’m right. See you on the water....

Aloha and good sailing,

Robby Naish posted a video
6 days ago

A foil is not a foil is not a foil. Naish foiling gear is more accessible, playful, modular, adaptable, upgradable and fun! Naish Foiling Naish Windsurfing @quiksilver Red Bull Petole Prod #loyaltothefoil #kailua

Robby Naish posted a photo
2 weeks ago

I want to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, successful and Fulfilling New Year!! I welcome 2019 with open arms and selfish hopes that I can better deal with lifes hurdles, twists and turns than I might have the past few years. Remember to smile, be positive, be thankful for what you have, live with humility and passion, love and Aloha, and get on the water whenever you can. Lets make 2019 a good one!!!!

Robby Naish posted a video
3 weeks ago

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas ! And for the “politically correct”... Happy Holidays !!! 🤙

Robby Naish posted 4 photos.
Robby Naish posted 4 photos.
4 weeks ago

My daughter Christina got pretty creative with clay.... 🤙

Robby Naish posted a photo
2 months ago

Winter is here. In #hawaii we can ride in boardshorts all year long....but with one of these setups you could still be out there windsurfing too- wherever you are- pretty much warm and dry and having fun in quite light winds.... so long as the water’s not frozen solid! @naishfoiling @redbull @quiksilver #kailua

Robby Naish posted a video
2 months ago

Yeehaw !
@naishfoiling @naishsup @quiksilver @redbull #loyaltothefoil

This is the official Facebook page of Robby Naish, professional windsurfer, kiteboarder and stand up paddle athlete.
Name: Robert Staunton Naish
Date of Birth: April 23, 1963
Place of Birth: La Jolla (San Diego), California, USA
Moved to Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii in 1968
Sports: Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Stand-Up Paddling
Partners: Quiksilver (clothing, wetsuits, eyewear, shoes), Red Bull
Favorite Spots:
• Ho’okipa and Jaws/Peahi, Maui
• Backyards and Diamond Head, Oahu
• Namotu Left and Cloudbreak, Fiji

Philosophy of Life: Life’s what you make it…. And Every Day on the Water is a Good Day!

Robby Naish is widely acknowledged as the greatest windsurfer of all time. He shocked the sport by winning his first world championship title aged just 13 in 1976 and then proceeded to win another 23 world titles over the next 16 years. The best-known name in the sport, Naish is acclaimed as the ‘Legend of Windsurfing.’

He has written two books on the sport while his three windsurfing videos are regarded as classics of their kind.

Naish, who began surfing and sailing in his early years and then started windsurfing at the age of 11, won his first windsurfing world title in the Bahamas to become the youngest world title-holder in the history of the sport at age 13. He successfully defended his crown the following year in Sardinia, Italy and made it a hat trick of world titles when he triumphed again in Cancun, Mexico in 1978, and again in Florida in 1979. For the following decade, he dominated windsurfing competitions worldwide, traveling extensively and competing in more than 20 countries each year on the professional tour.

An excellent slalom and course racer, his Hawaiian upbringing from the age of five has provided him with a special affinity and talent for wave riding. He made a clean sweep of all four titles in the inaugural Pro World Tour in 1983 - clinching the overall, the wave riding, the slalom and course racing championships - and repeated the feat in 1984.
Over his windsurfing career, Robby earned himself a total of 24 world championship titles and over 150 event victories.

In 1995 Robby founded Naish Sails Hawaii, a company designing and manufacturing windsurfing equipment, which is sold world wide under the Naish brand. In the late ‘90’s Robby was a pioneer in the new sport of kiteboarding, a discipline in which he won the slalom world title in 1998. The following year, he won the kiteboarding world titles in both slalom and jumping. The Naish brand quickly became a world leader in the development of kitesurfing equipment.

In 2006 Robby was again influential in the growth of the new sport of stand up paddle surfing, and again the Naish brand has been at the forefront of the development of SUP equipment. Today Naish is the premier stand up paddle brand in the world and offers the most complete range of stand up paddle boards on the market.

Robby remains incredibly active in all three sports: windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP. Today his time is spent between constant equipment development and testing, promotional events and traveling the world in search of wind and waves. His name has become synonymous with boardriding, and Robby is recognized over the world as one of the great watermen of our time. He is the father of 2 girls (as well as a proud grandfather), Nani (31) and Christina (6) and lives in Haiku, Maui with his wife Katie and daughter Christina. Although his passion still lies on the water, Robby does have a life long affection for cars and owns an assortment of vehicles old and new, including several Porsches. He speaks German, loves spicy food and although a very successful businessman, he lives life with a casual, youthful and playful attitude.
Instagram: robbynaishus1111


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This trailer is AWESOME! What's even better is that the film will be free for a week in October on Red Bull TV. Kai Lenny…

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Got room in your garage for a quiver of SUPs? No me neither. Reckon this offering from Robby and Co could be the one to…

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In a day where we couldn't let all these little Naish sneaky peaky vids go by, this was another one that we really liked the…

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Some serious downwinding and allwater race gear from the Naish 2017 line up. Straight out of the Javelin race proven board line. If it's good…

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In our day of all things Naish, it would be very rude to let these little shred sticks go over looked. Gucci looking boards for…


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