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Laird Hamilton updated their cover photo.
Laird Hamilton updated their cover photo.
1 week ago
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1 week ago

BUY NOW Every copy is signed. 170 pages of recipes, original photography, nutritional tips and surf breaks! Assouline Publishing

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3 weeks ago

Every year 70,000,000 #sharks are slaughtered by poachers for their fins. These fins are used in traditional "medicine" as well as #sharkfin soup. Without sharks, the delicate balance of the #oceans ecosystem is disrupted. A Big Sea Shepherd Thank You goes out to Michael Muller, Laird Hamilton, and their two wonderful daughters Klara Muller and Reece Hamilton for helping raise awareness about shark finning in our Oceans.

To learn more about what #SeaShepherd is doing to protect sharks, please visit:

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4 weeks ago

Into the weekend under power....

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1 month ago

ONLY 50 MADE. By popular demand. Our Honu Rainbow limited edition shirt - hand screened in LA, on an American grown cotton, super soft 'comfort fit' tee. Aloha Laird Hamilton Laird Apparel Visit:

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1 month ago

Gabby has some fun announcing Laird Superfood will soon be adding Kombucha to their line up! They are excited to get it going in certain corporate locations in the near future.

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Laird Hamilton shared a post.
1 month ago

Here's something different...Tacos with Kiwi and Pomegranate!

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2 months ago

Well done Team! Julian Borra Gabrielle Reece Jennifer Cawley Rodale Inc. #liferider

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2 months ago

Spring is here! Time for some outdoor dining and fresh ideas in the kitchen. Order your signed copy of FUEL UP right here: Aloha

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2 months ago

Are you ready to surf with Laird at one of the best surf spots in the world?
Sign Me Up!

The new XPT Waterman Experience includes a 3-hour surf session and ocean training in its 3-day program, along with other adventure-packed activities.

Come hang out, workout, and push yourself to new limits with Laird, Gabrielle Reece, @XPT and other surf and fitness fans looking to do something extraordinary! Breathe. Move. Recover...and Surf!!

*Includes 3 nights at the new Santarena hotel in the town of Las Catalinas.
Easy, direct flights in and out of Costa Rica.
Photo By: Tim McKenna

Personal interests
FAMILY | Gabby Reece & daughters Bela, Reece, and Brody.
ACTION | Big Waves, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Foiling, Kite Surfing, Body Surfing, Heli Boarding, Mountain Biking
PASSIONS | Water, Healthy Living - Training, Breathing, Recovery, Fun

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2 years ago | 2:30

Subscribe: Lets face it, Laird Hamilton is the thing of legends! Make sure you watch this epic 2 minute film packed with big wave footage…

2 years ago | 03:34

Next time you try and catch a wave, close your eyes and think of this guy, Derek Rebelo was born blind, but he didn't let…

2 years ago | 07:24

Woah, Laird Hamilton always impresses on the water, but his skills with the SUP Foil are something else! I think this could be one of…

2 years ago | 01:13

Awesome footage of Mr.Hamilton shredding ocean swell on his tow foil... there's a reason this guys a pioneer!

2 years ago | 01:52

The man who has made in roads in most modern watersports and has been foiling for a quite a long time prior to SUP showing…

3 years ago | 00:59

The first guy who SUP'ed in the mainstream and the first guy to foil in the mainstream way back when. It wasn't going to be…

3 years ago | 8:0

Yes Dave. This guy has taken our sport from something slightly weird and playful on a small surf day to one of the biggest watersports…

3 years ago | 1:14

This is being called the decathlon of the sea by some. 8 events, from free surfing to prone paddling and SUP racing. Looks awesome. The…

3 years ago | 0:37

Does this need any explanation? He surfs under a pier. Legend/genius/lunatic?  You decide.

3 years ago

Fantastic little mini film showing us some vintage footage along with some pretty progressive 'new wave' SUP action. Lovely little historical overview of our awesome…

3 years ago

Laird you're an animal! I tried this at the local leisure centre but the lifeguards kicked me out. I love the idea that this could…

3 years ago | 4:30

Laird Hamilton a few years ago, on his home break, showing us why he's such a pioneer in SUP surfing. It's not all about slashy…


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