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9 months ago

Casper Johan has always been one of my favorite athletes on the SUP World Stage. He not only Races and Surfs but has some great and cray ideas that he not only dreams about but goes and tries to accomplish them. Check the video below and see if we cant help get this movie up and running.. Good job mate.

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10 months ago
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11 months ago

Thankyou Love The Wild for sending me and the family these easy to cook delicious meals just in time before the hurricane hit🙏
The tough question is which one to try 1st 🤔

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12 months ago

Go check out this page if you can. It’s for a great cause and remembering a great human that was Ben. #bendidgo

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1 year ago

Thanks Nathan Myers for a well written article..

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1 year ago

Some things you do in life are never easy . There’s a lot of opinions on my involvement with this project but my heart and gut says that we are on the right path .

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1 year ago

If your interested check the link below and be good to talk story this weekend. 🤙

10x Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Champion, Swell Chaser, Stand Up Paddler, Son, Uncle, and Ambassador for the Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco

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2 years ago | 2:46

YES YES YES! If you do one thing today, watch this!! A crew of Maui big wave surfers - led by Ian Walsh and Billy…

2 years ago | 5:14

Konrad Bright and Jamie Mitchell sent us this awesome video of a tow in foiling session on the North Shore of Oahu. They are getting…

2 years ago | 12:32

Just in case you missed it yesterday check out these awesome highlights from the finals at the Puerto Escondido Challenge that saw SUP's very own…

3 years ago | 3:39

Yes, that speck on the camera is a surfer! More footage of Jamie Mitchell, Kai and some other serious watermen prone paddling into Nazare. Boom.…

3 years ago | 7:0

Nazare BWT final footage. The overall winner was SUP and all round paddle craft legend Jamie Mitchell. Check out his winning wave about half way…

3 years ago | 2:51

There is some mental footage here on display from a maestro of world chargers... Some experienced watermen are calling this too dangerous a place for…

3 years ago

There are some big names here pulling some shred heavy action. This is the trailer to H2Mexico from a few years back. If you've not…

3 years ago

Episode 2: More from Dave's world as he talks about SUP Raceboard design for Imagine and in a last minute decision, Jamie Mitchell decides to…

3 years ago | 04:36

Dave Kalama is SUP. He's been one of the main guys pushing it's resurgence since the early 2000's. This is a little mini series of…

3 years ago | 1:37

This is a pretty cool looking event. Good to see big surf industry getting behind SUP for surf racing. This type of event looks like…

3 years ago | 5:57

This is an interview from 2012 with Gerry 'Pipeline' Lopez, Dave Kalama and Jamie Mitchell on why SUP has grown and continues to grow in…


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