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Big Wave Awards 2019

VISSLA Isurus Wetsuits Poison City Brewing BOS F-ONE International The Ridge Wallet Slyde Handboards Hurricane Surf Futures Fins Aces'n'Spades Bar

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4 months ago

10 years ago we went on a trip to Madagascar we would never forget.There are memories that deserve to be lived again. Going back this year we realized that some dreams do become true.

Back then Raphael and the team went to the land of a divine barreling left and an ideal lagoon on the Emerald Sea to shoot ADDIKT. The memories of those rides were intact and they were dreaming to relive them.

At the time they dreamt of getting barreled with more compact surfboards, flying above water and landing double handle passes.They inspired some kids to become pro kiteboarders, some others to learn how to fly. Those dreams came true.

Film: Petole Prod / Pierre Do Pido
Edit: Gilles Langlois, Cat’s Eyes Prod

#foneculture #foneadventure #fonepassion #foneteam #fonehistory #fonefoil #fonesup #fonekites

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5 months ago

10 years ago, we went to Madagascar for a trip we would never forget.
There are memories that deserve to be lived again...

Video: Petole Prod /Edit: Jérémi Stadler, FilmMaker

Watch more:

#fonekites #foneculture #foneadventure

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Rick Wall
Thanks to BOS for their support of Surfing

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5 months ago

Thanks Zigzag Surfing Magazine and The #StripedHorseChallange !

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Durban is core and so are these.... Poison City Brewing / Durban Poison

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7 months ago

“I was in Indo for that amazing run of swell including the biggest in many years. For three weeks we surfed and foiled our brains out and both the waves that were best for foiling are pretty hollow and shallow so it was a learning curve for me but once I got them sussed out I had a great time.

I stayed in the central Mentawis with Gideon from Bilou Beach bungalows and he is the best guide around and managed to find me this amazing right hander for both surfing and foiling and it was the perfect place to test my new F-ONE equipment for both.

Its great to be able to travel with one board that is perfect for small wave surfing and foiling and with some quick turns of the screws you can switch from one discipline to another.

The progression of foiling is happening so fast right now and its epic to be involved in the sport as we move forward and learn.”

Grant TWIG Baker

Grant Twiggy Baker
I'm a professional surf bum who has managed to win a few events along the way to keep the dream alive.
I have travelled extensively over the last 20 years to surf the biggest, best waves I can find and then take that knowledge and work with the best shapers in the world to make surfboards that perform when the waves are at there premium.
Personal info
Proud ambassador to the following core surf brands.

Vissla, Isurus, BOS, FONE, Poison City, Futures, Hurricane, Ace's N Spades and Twig Surfboards.
Personal interests
Surfing, Kiteboarding, Foilboarding, SUP, and Snowboarding
+27837776788 / +1 949 436 0006

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Check out this legend - Twiggy surfoiling in Hawaii!

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Grant 'Twiggy' Baker is now a part of the F-One team. Check out this rad footage of him surf foiling in South Africa! Twiggy went…

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Grant Twiggy Baker is a legendary waterman who’s just signed up with the F-One foiling program, an accomplished paddler, big wave hero and now working on his surf foil skills he’s never afraid to try something new, and that’s why we like him!

2 years ago

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