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Annabel Anderson shared Challenge Wanaka Triathlon's post.
Annabel Anderson shared Challenge Wanaka Triathlon's post.
2 weeks ago

Oh the things you get roped into!

I’ll be bringing maximum banter and soaking in the views spinning the pedals around some of my favourite roads next weekend alongside these triathlon legends.

All part of making rehab as much fun as possible 😉

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2 weeks ago

Sometimes you’re the hammer
Sometimes you’re the nail


Annabel Anderson posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Took a pedal last the local and over the hill (& back) today.

She’s pretty quaint for an old girl.

Taking the moments to soak in the views while I fight my way out of the naughty corner.

.and she’s way prettier than the shapes I cut in the gym right now.

#rehab #crownrange #cardrona #🚴‍♀️

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2 weeks ago

It’s a daily rhetoric of answering questions about the state of play aka:life

I’ll leave you with this:

Patience is the lesson ~ Perseverance is the teacher

And for God’s sake enjoy the view....

Yes, this morning’s return-to-running (aka running + walking) was one for the books

#lifelessons #enjoytheview #patience #perseverance #🏃‍♀️ #embracetheprocess

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3 weeks ago

It’s all about the people....

It made my day to get sent this pic from Veronica Wold (on my right) this week.

If you can make someone’s day with the smallest of gestures ~ do it... go ahead and make that person’s day.

Side note: how bloody epic is that @brianszymanski8560 paint job 💯💯💯

#thegiftofgiving #makesomeonesday #matchymatchy

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3 weeks ago

How to deal with a HEAT WAVE 101:

Get outside
Preferably as close to water as possible

#bloodyhot #summer #heatwave #getoutside #lakelife

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4 weeks ago

Recovery Goals:
The ability to run, hop, skip & jump to my heart (and hip’s) content.

While I can manage a quiet “jog” at the moment, I’ve been re-learning how to walk up and down hills with “control”.

It might seem counter intuitive, but taking the time to get the basics right will pay off big time down the track.

...and lots of time in the gym.

Only time will tell if I can avoid the surgeon’s scalpel or not, but I’ll give it a damn good shot of healing it the “hard work” and conservative way first.

#babysteps #rehab #recovery #patience #perserverance #running

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4 weeks ago

You get asked a lot of questions when you’re broken, especially if your body has been the tools to allow you to ply your trade.

2x questions pop up frequently:
1. When are you going to race again
2. What is the goal of your recovery

With the upmost respect my accident was major, so here it is... plain & simple 👍

•to regain functional movement & quality of life first and foremost (it’s quite handy to be able to walk, kneel, squat, do regular “life” things
•to do ALL the things I love to do ~ which means this recovery may be a little different to that of others

Far and away these are greatly more important than a trophy that gathers dust (trust me, I have boxes of them).

While I have always appreciated what my body has allowed me to do, it has also been subjected to some horrific and traumatic injuries over the years.

Like the past, I’ve committed to the daily process of doing what I can to make the smallest of improvements. It’s boring... it’s mentally taxing, it works.

But this is not a race or a competition against others ~ this is the game of life.

And last time I checked, I played it with intention and commitment.... and played to win on my terms, not the terms of others.

There is a good chance that competition may be in my future, but the goal must be greater and more holistic to bring reason and purpose to the doing.

110% recovery ~ I’ll give it as much time as it takes to get there and it will be totally worth it in 20years time.

I am sure there will be a silver lining somewhere ~ I might just find it on this road out of Dodge

(And that means mountains, oceans and everything in between)

#injuries #rehab #recovery #fortitude #perserverance #resilience #grit

Multiple World Champion
Athlete of life & sport
Born in the mountains, plays on the water, 2x wheels and everywhere in between

See you out there
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