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Annabel Anderson

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1 week ago

Oh so good to be back in a canoe.

Part I in the 6man, Part II on the stand ups.

Same same but oh so different. All I can say is these rock stars are going to have a big advantage when they’re going to need it.

#paddlesup #paddling #canoes #boards #anythingthatfloats #multisport #coaching

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1 week ago

When you meet at a fork in the trail and take a moment to look up.

#sundaymissions #mtb #paraglider

Annabel Anderson shared a post.
Annabel Anderson shared a post.
2 weeks ago

In October 2017 I stuck my neck out and made a stand that girls deserved the same opportunities and prize money as our male contemporaries.

It was polarising, it was heard in some hallowed places.... and changes were made.

To now see majority of all ocean/surf sports (and many others) recognising the importance of equity means that the next generation of girls will consider themselves just as worthy as the boys they see as contemporaries and equals.

To see events use it in marketing (yes, that includes the recent World Surf League event at Snapper Rocks) and so many advances behind the scenes to legitimately make things better is so gratifying.

Sometimes you have more to give than you have to gain. I’m bloody proud I paid it forward on this one as it will forever be the gift that keeps on giving.

To all those who have supported the momentum that this generated and continue to do so, thank you 🙏

#equity #womeninsport #bebrave
The Wonderful Group

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2 weeks ago

They say that part of the healing process is to write about it.

So when NZ Adventure Magazine asked, I wrote.

You can read about my ultimate 'tuck n roll' extravaganza in their latest issue, on shelves now.

Eight months since that fateful day, I should likely write the latest instalment.

As always these things are full of twists & turns. Day by day 0.01% progress and sometimes a few steps backwards.

One thing is for sure, someone is always worse off and there's something about being grateful for what things are rather than what they are not.

May the usual adventures return in their own good time. Because there's always more fun to be had and that's a non-negotiable.

For the moment I’ll be happy to keep running the “2 stroke” variety.. not quite as much fun, not quite as fast, not quite as epic.. but plenty more time to take a breath and enjoy the views (and pick the odd grape) 😉

Annabel Anderson is in Wanaka, New Zealand.
Annabel Anderson is in Wanaka, New Zealand.
2 weeks ago

If the quality of the stories told while picking the grapes is anything to go by... the stories told while drinking the wine will be phenomenal

#harvest #chardonnay #handpicked #bullshitandbanter @ Wanaka, New Zealand

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3 weeks ago

Was it really 5 years ago already?

What else do you do when you chance upon the 1% of conditions, have a ski + sled in tow and need to get back across Cook Strait?

You call the one guy you know who can read the tidal change and you have a polite disregard for a potential tidal surge courtesy of a Chilean earthquake that just tumbled across the Pacific.

Hitting the bottom of the North Island before the ferry, the real action of the day was about to unfold..... maybe I’ll leave that one for another story as I think I’m still a little scarred from what should have been a cause for celebration.

For anyone wondering, that’s an intense piece of water even on a good day. It’s like going through a succession of whirl pools on an aquatic treadmill.

I never planned to do it and have had many a person contact me wanting to attempt this crossing (with a lot of pomp, media & fanfare). I was fortunate that the perfect storm came together to set this little mission within another mission to allow this one to be successful in the eyes of others.

What I took away from it is that giving it a crack is better than backing out and that the physical preparation that was going in to other goals was critical to success and knowing full well you can not do this stuff alone.

As for what happened next.... 🤔🤔 #cookstrait #sup #paddle #crossing #missions #adventures

Annabel Anderson is in Wanaka, New Zealand.
Annabel Anderson is in Wanaka, New Zealand.
3 weeks ago

If I had my way, I’d in all the places, doing all the things ~ living on 120% mode. It’s been my strength, my jam... my ability to juggle all the balls simultaneously.

But life doesn’t always work that way. We can either fight it.. or we can adapt.

A few of months back I joked that I was getting 0.01% better on the daily (because.. ya know... progress is as much mental as it is physical when you truly munch yourself).

In reality, I’m learning to embrace the art of “to hurry slowly”.

That means more hiking over running, letting dates on the calendar slip by and learning to say no when I need to. The last bits are bloody hard, but this is not a race, this is the game of life and you can find me... “hurrying slowly”.

And way more time to enjoy the views 💯 @ Wanaka, New Zealand

Annabel Anderson posted a photo
3 weeks ago

What’s one of the bonuses of experiencing unplanned physical destruction?

The chance to rebuild, recalibrate and to embrace the process.

Patience is the lesson, perseverance is the teacher.

Because the mountains + waves are calling and I have you both in my sights.

#rehab #recovery #patience #perserverance #hike #mountains #waves #winthegameoflife

Multiple World Champion
Athlete of life & sport
Born in the mountains, plays on the water, 2x wheels and everywhere in between

See you out there
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2 years ago | 3:38

Competitors from all over the world have travelled to Copenhagen for the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship. Make sure you watch this excellent highlights…


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