F-One SUP Matira 11’0 2017 SUP Review

F-One SUP Matira 11’0 2017

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At A Glance

F-One have two lines of inflatable SUPs, the SuperStiff and the LightWeight models do exactly what they say on the tin. One uses more material to create a stiffer board, the catch being the extra weight, the other loses some of the material to create a lighter board. The 11’0” Lightweight model is a large touring board that can be taken anywhere and paddled in a wide variety of conditions. With a shaped nose for good water displacement, the rocker is relatively flat for speed.

In terms of equipment you get a removable single PVC fin, no chance of bending it when you roll it up, the US fin box allows you to remove it quickly without the need for tools. A lightweight webbing handle allows you to carry the board easily and there are some bungee lines on the front to help you stow a wet bag or whatever you care to take with you. Leash attachment points come as standard on the front and the rear, making this a board you can ride in the waves but equally anchor up for a yoga session too.

It’s wide and thick, measuring 31” and 6” respectively and packing a huge 300 litres of volume into the shape. This means you can fill it with kids on a hot sunny day or load it up with a ton of supplies for a full day trip or even longer on the water. The travel bag is well made and features rucksack straps, and a decent pump and quality repair kit come as standard.

On The Water

The first thing you notice about the 11’0” is just how light it is, it is incredible. We had to stop the van and just check there was a pump in the bag when we first drove to the beach. The whole package weighs hardly anything, and you can easily sling it on your back and walk or cycle a reasonable distance before you notice the weight. The board comes in at just over 9kg which is impressive, to say the least.

Of course, the weight is low as the board uses less material than the SuperStiff series, so how would it perform on the water? We’ve tested a few inflatable SUP’s lately, and they continue to impress us, we think the technology will keep on getting better, boards will be stiffer and lighter, and the real winner will be you the paddler.

While the 11’0” is light, it does lack a little of the stiffness we have found on other heavier models. That said the lightweight nature of the board makes it a dream to paddle on the water. Make no mistake this board is fast and exceedingly manoeuvrable.

We had loads of fun paddling up and down the coast and spent some time pondering whether we preferred stiffer or lighter boards. Stiffer boards certainly feel better underfoot, but the 11’0” kept impressing us with its agility and speed, plus every time we picked it up and carried it back to the van we were impressed.

SUP boards used to be huge, cumbersome heavy things; then inflatables made huge and cumbersome irrelevant as you could sling them in the cupboard under the stairs and fit them in a small car. Now, this board debunks the heavy theory too, sure it might not be as stiff as some of the boards out there, but you won’t mind that at all when you pick it up to take it anywhere.


A great shape that paddles well and weighs hardly anything, high-quality construction that should stand the test of time and an excellent finish make this an excellent package. If you want a large touring style board that you can sling in the boot of the car when you\\\'re done the Matira 11’0” Lightweight Series is a definite contender!


This review was in Issue 5 of SUP Tonic.

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