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Sea to Summit posted a video
3 months ago

There’s a reason it’s called escape - you can’t replicate it in an office!

Sleeping out under the stars, swimming in idyllic billabongs and climbing red rock in Australia’s outback has inspired many Sea to Summit product innovations.

We’re stoked to share some of these locations, such as the Northern Territory’s Umbrawarra Gorge, Butterfly Gorge and the Douglas Hot Springs, with you via this video we put together with Northern Territory - Australia's Outback, Wild Magazine, Black Diamond and Lachlan Gardiner Photography

Sea to Summit posted a photo
3 months ago

Núria Picas, the multiple Ultra Trail World Champion, recently went camping amongst the clouds with her Sea to Summit gear... incredible views!

Sea to Summit posted a photo
3 months ago

Everyone should wake up to a mountain at least once in their lives...
📷: Christian Holzer

Sea to Summit posted a photo
3 months ago

Our TravellingLight Toiletry Bags are the perfect addition to your camping gear! Coming with a handy mirror, you'll never need to contort yourself to get your reflection in your phone ever again!
📷 Sea to Summit Brand Ambassador Colette McInerney

Sea to Summit posted a photo
4 months ago

A surprising twist in an unsatisfying situation can make all the difference. Tell us our brand ambassador, @stianmedsekken1's caption to go with this mind-blowing image doesn’t give you goose bumps, too!!
"During the day it was raining at first, then it was snowing, then the wind picked up and the visibility disappeared, making navigation a little tricky. The ground was as slippery as a hot dog and with 30kg weight on my back I fell at least 3 times in full “slapstick” fashion head over heals. As I laid face down in the cold mud I seriously started questioning what I was doing. I spent a long time trying to find a good tent spot and frustration grew as darkness closed in fast. As I pitched my tent I had to remind myself that this is voluntary, that it could be worse, that I could be stuck in an office, that I am living my dream etc etc, but at this point it did not do wonders to my motivation. I crept into the sleeping bag and ate my freeze dried meal to the sound of rain on my tent. After a little while, tired and a bit cold I drifted into sleep. An hour later I woke up needing to go to the toilet. I was not smiling as I pulled myself out of the warm sleeping bag and into my wet shoes. Still half asleep I crawled out of the tent to do my business. As I wiped the sleep out of my eyes I was surprised to see the sky filled with shining stars, not a single cloud to be seen. Then as I turned to the north, just like an explosion the northern lights started dancing from out of nowhere all across the starlit sky. The cold, the mud, the weeks of rain and all the other factors I had been whining to myself about all day long disappeared within 3 seconds and I was left with a huge smile and a thankful heart, thoroughly reminded why I love this time of year so much. Honestly, its not always easy living this close to nature, but the rewards along the way are so fantastic that I would not trade it for all the gold in the world."

Sea to Summit - Outdoor Gear shared Australian Geographic's post.
4 months ago

Huge congratulations to sponsored athlete Steve Plain from Project 7in4, for taking out the title of being The Australian Geographic Society’s Adventurer of the Year!

It's a massive achievement, crediting Steve's world record setting summit of each continent's highest peak in the record time of 117 days!

Congrats Steve!

To find out more about Project 7in4, click the link below:

Sea to Summit posted a photo
4 months ago

Some people prefer a fully kitted out van and being in a sleeping bag over a five star hotel... we're those people!

📸: 2018 Brand Ambassador @colettemcinerney

Sea to Summit posted a photo
4 months ago

Job alert - and this is a great one! Based in our Head Office in Perth / Western Australia. If you love juggling digital content, creating a community around an outdoor sports brand (hint: it's Sea to Summit) and have experience in creative writing, working with a variety of content platforms and a team of freelancers you will like what you see when you click on this link:

For more than two decades we have built our reputation around three principals: Innovation, Quality and Range.
Company overview
Sea to Summit cultivates a culture of design perfectionism to develop ingenious functionally beautiful products with a “no worries” Australian attitude. Our original ethos ‘to equip and inspire’ continues to drive research and development of new techniques, materials, technologies and production methods. It inspires new product innovations that keep us at the forefront of delivering lighter, better made, better performing gear to outdoor enthusiasts and active travellers around the world.


At Sea to Summit, we are inspired by epic adventures at every altitude – the pure joys of fresh air, fresh challenges and fresh thinking. You’ve got to get outside to experience that and we put every bit of that feeling into each piece of gear we make. It’s how we pass on our experiences - by designing and building equipment that brings you closer to the outdoors. We strive to create things that are nimble and light, but serious enough to deliver when called into duty. And, we have all the fun in the world making them. When we put our logo on a piece of gear, in fact, it stands for every single person’s name in our team.
Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company

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