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1 month ago

Attending #ProMatShow next month? Find out about the new material handling mounting solutions we'll be showcasing in Chicago:

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1 month ago

Congrats to our friend Mike Iaconelli on a great 2019 #BassmasterClassic performance! #NeverGiveUp

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1 month ago

Compatible IntelliSkin® sleeves for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" are now available! Learn more:

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1 month ago
RAM Mounts updated their cover photo.
RAM Mounts updated their cover photo.
1 month ago

The form-fitting, high-strength composite RAM® EZ-Roll’r™ cradle for the SPOT X™ allows for the attachment of RAM® components containing the universal AMPS hole pattern.

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1 month ago

Available this spring, the latest version of the RAM® Tough-Track™ creates an ideal track mounting surface on rails, bars, poles, and tubes.

Learn more:

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1 month ago

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of using RAM® Mounts at home? Check out just a few ideas to start getting inspired:

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2 months ago

With the release of the Galaxy S10 today, we're excited to announce our strengthened partnership with Samsung and OtterBox to enable GDS® Tech™ charging and docking capabilities.

Learn more:

RAM® Mounts is the leading manufacturer of rugged and versatile mounting solutions for nearly any application and device – including phones, tablets, cameras, GPS systems, and much more.
National Products Inc. was founded by Jeff Carnevali in 1992; NPI is the parent company of both RAM Mounting Systems and PRO PULL Prop Pulling Tools. Located in Seattle Washington, NPI manufactures products that are distributed around the globe. Providing some of the most innovative and durable products available, NPI has rapidly become an industry leader and continues to gain respect from both electronics manufacturers and those needing the finest tools for marine use. National Products Inc. offers a diverse set of manufacturing capabilities which results in the ability to efficiently manufacture quality products in the USA. Having an in-house design staff and rapid prototyping capabilities, NPI is able to quickly engineer and produce quality items for the ever changing electronics market. With rubber injection, sand casting, metal fabrication, and composite injection molding as well as a die casting facility within one half mile of each other, coordinating and developing new products is trouble-free. With over 55 issued patents and more than 60 patents pending as well as a vast product line, you can be sure that NPI will continue to provide products and support to the industries and customers that have made NPI a success.

Product Design and Development
RAM offers full service product design and development services to our customer base. With a talented design staff, and access to a large catalog of patented and patent pending products, RAM can quickly and efficiently assist our OEM partners realize their product ideas.

3D CAD Design & Prototyping
Solid Works Cad Software, FDM Rapid Prototyping, Direct Metal Casting Prototyping, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Laser Cutting, Stamping, Shake and Vibratory testing ensure your products are designed using the best possible practices available.

Powder Coating Facility
With one of the most state of the art and highly efficient powder coat lines in the Pacific Northwest, National Products Inc. applies a high quality finish to many of its cast products. Nearly fully automated, castings are washed, dried, powder coated, and cured without the need for human intervention, and without introducing human error. Both speed and efficiency lend themselves to a quality finish and lower product cost. With the powder coat facility next door to the die cast facility, castings can be produced and coated all within 24 hours allowing for quick turn around times and product delivery. Using state of the art processes, NPI has taken every opportunity to assure that all processes are achieved in the most environmentally conscious manner.

Die Cast Facility
National Products Inc. has a modern and efficient aluminum die casting facility. Machines are capable of running molds having anywhere from 1 to 24 cavities, with the possibility for additional capacity depending on customer needs. Complete with all the support equipment necessary to create a look and finish free of sharp edges or corners, RAM products are not only strong, but are also safe. Castings of high strength and quality are produced in significant volumes to meet the ever increasing needs of the growing RAM customer base. The customer can choose to use products cast from common RAM dies or take full advantage of the in-house design team to create a custom mold to produce parts specific to their application. NPI will create and store the mold and produce castings as you need them. Freedom to choose, freedom to create, and freedom to grow are what sets NPI apart from other manufacturers.

Composite and Rubber Injection Molding Facility
NPI has a modern composite and rubber injection molding facility with a vast inventory of machinery to accommodate customers’ needs. NPI has 8 composite injection molding machines including a state of the art, 2 color co-injection machine for running high volume parts efficiently and cost effectively. Each machine is capable of running thousands of parts per day and can be ramped up depending on customer demand. Most of the injection molding machines are equipped with fully automated robotics and the latest controller electronics. Our composite facility is equipped with a fully automated vacuum fed material delivery system.

Shock and Vibration Testing Facility
Installed in 2009, NPI has added a new state of the art shock and vibratory test center. Our electro-dynamic machine allows for both vertical and horizontal orientation of test samples and high stress testing with up to 50g’s of applied force. Accelerometers are attached to the mounting system as well as the device to achieve real time feedback and accurate report generation. We will be expanding on these capabilities in 2010 with the additional of a new 100g horizontal crash sled capable of the most brutal military crash test standards and re-deployable air bag simulator.

Additional Capabilities
Packaging and assembly
Metal stamping
Light machining
Sonic welding
Vertical machining center
Shock and vibration testing
Electronic component testing
Manufacture inventive solutions that improve lives.

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