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1 year ago

A lesson for all in this. Wear your PDF if out touring on a SUP

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2 years ago

There is good discussion about people venturing out during Storm Ophelia and endangering rescue services. Our app was designed with thrill seekers in mind we could allow information from within the app to be shared to local rescue services.

For the rescue services it would be as simple as looking at a map and seeing where people have shared their activity details. If they do not return within their designated time, only then consider a rescue operation. This project would obviously need buy in from rescue services but I'd be more than happy to provide this service for free.

Spread the word and let's make this happen.

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R2B shared a post.
2 years ago

Unbelievable rescue operation. Well done to all those involved.

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2 years ago

The Galway man running -- and organising -- the world's most amazing races http://the42.ie/3423043

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2 years ago

Add R2B to the list for an extra safety layer 👍

R2B App posted a video
2 years ago

This is the rescue footage from the surfer stranded at sea for more than 30 hours... MUST WATCH!

Getting you back. Safely
Use R2B to add safety net to any activity. Check-out and allow R2B to look after you.

Simply give a description, duration and contact(s). If you're not back in time we'll let your contact(s) know.

R2B is designed so that if you have no phone signal or your you've run out of battery we can still contact those who need to know.

Our Escalation Process involves sending an SMS to each of your contact(s). These alerts come from our servers so you don't need to worry about loss of mobile signal or phone battery once you have checked out. Escalation Process will only begin once your activity duration has elapsed.

Being outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the need for a product like this. We want to encourage and promote safety amongst all activities. Years ago, when we embark on activities we left specific plans to friends and family about where we were going and what we were doing. These days most people rely too much on their mobile phone to get them out of trouble. Don't be naive, it takes less than 30 seconds to set an activity with us.

By default we don't track your location, we simply take your location when you're setting an activity. We know ourselves that tracking location is not always needed when exploring sheltered areas or going out to open water.

Every month, R2B gives three free activities. These are replenished on the first day of every month, for a small subscription fee you can purchase a Monthly or Yearly Subscription to give you premium features and unlimited activities.

No matter what your activity is, R2B can provide a safety layer. If you are going hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, horse riding, cycling, running, R2B is a must-have app for you.

Let us know if you are having technical difficulties or simply if you have some feedback for us. We are always looking to improve and provide a better product, get in touch [email protected]
Increase safety amongst all participants in any activity.
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SUP Reviews - R2B App Safety Alert App 2017
SUP Reviews - R2B App Safety Alert App 2017
R2B App Safety Alert App

This looks like such a great piece of software. I'm sure many of you paddle, run, surf or cycle on your own, only to be told by wiser, more sensible folk (usually parents or partners) that you really should text or call when you're back safely, or worse, never do it alone! The designer Stephen O'Connor runs a SUP school…

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