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GONG Surfboards added 4 new photos — tagged GONG SURF 9'8 INCREDIBLE EPS and 5 others.
GONG Surfboards added 4 new photos — tagged GONG SURF 9'8 INCREDIBLE EPS and 5 others.
5 days ago

GEAR : longboards EPS in stock !!!

Notre gamme de longboards EPS est en stock.
Moodrive, Zero, Ten Blues, Moblog, Pampa, Incredible, une très belle gamme allant du longboard moderne au longboard classique.
On vous livre ces planches partout en Europe ;)
Retrouvez ces planches sur le shop en cliquant ici : https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/…

Our EPS Longboard line is in stock !!
Moodrive, Zero, Ten Blues, Moblog, Pampa, Incredible, a beautiful line that covers classic to modern Longboarding.
And we deliver these Boards all over Europe !!
Find these boards on the online shop by clicking here: https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/…

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé et ses GONG Surf longboards EPS.
#GONGSurfboards #longboards #longboarders #longboarding #radlongboard #classiclongboard #Moodrive #Zero #TenBlues #Moblog #Pampa #Incredible #wearelongboarders #gongsurfshop

GONG Surfboards added 5 new photos.
GONG Surfboards added 5 new photos.
5 days ago

SHOP : great deals !!!

Chez GONG Surfboards, les prix bas, c’est tout au long de l’année, et pas seulement pendant les soldes ;)
Comme GONG vend en direct, vous faites des bonnes affaires en quelques clics. Nous travaillons dans cette optique depuis 1996, et ce n’est pas prêt de changer.
Alors voici un p’tit medley des bons plans sur nos tarifs déjà records que vous pouvez trouver sur le shop ;)
Retrouvez tout ce matos sur le shop en cliquant ici : https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Categories/BONS_PLANS

At GONG Surfboards, the low prices, are all year long, not just during the Sales ;). With GONG you’re always just click away for the best deal because we have been working on this method since 1996, and we’re not ready to change.
Here’s a little medley of Good Deals that you can find right now on the Shop.
Find this gear on the online shop by clicking here: https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Categories/BONS_PLANS

Sélectionneurs : Patrice Guénolé et GONG Surfboards.
#GONGSurfboards #GONGSUP #sup #standuppaddle #surfboards #greatdeals #enjoygreatdeals #gongsurfshop #gongsupshop

GONG Surfboards added 3 new photos — tagged GONG KITE BAR 49cm COMPLETE.
GONG Surfboards added 3 new photos — tagged GONG KITE BAR 49cm COMPLETE.
5 days ago

GEAR : focus on GONG Kite bar !!!

Lors de la conception d’un produit, il est important pour nous de lier performance et qualité. Cette nouvelle barre 2019 est construite méticuleusement, avec les matériaux les plus nobles. D’où notre partenariat avec AKA sur le largueur à la norme AFNOR.
Tous les composants sont produits dans les meilleures usines de kite au monde, et assemblés en France.
Retrouvez cette barre sur le shop en cliquant ici : https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Categories/KITE/%22Kitesurf%20Barres%22

During the conception of product, it is very important for us to align performance with quality. The New 2019 Bar has been meticulously constructed, with the noblest of materials. Hence our partnership with AKA and their quick release system that meets AFNOR norms.
All the components are produced in the best Kite Factories in the World, and assembled here in France.
Find this bar on the online shop by clicking here: https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Categories/KITE/%22Kitesurf%20Barres%22

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé et ses GONG Kite bar 49cm et 69cm.
#GONGSurfboards #GONGKite #kite #kitesurf #kitesurfing #kitesurfbar #assembledinfrance #gongkiteshop

GONG Surfboards tagged GONG SURF 9'1 ZERO EPS.
GONG Surfboards tagged GONG SURF 9'1 ZERO EPS.
5 days ago

L’Ours aux portes du paradis avec sa Zero EPS ;)

L’Ours on the footsteps of paradise with his EPS Zero ;)

Surfeur : l’Ours et sa GONG Surf 9’1 Zero EPS.
#GONGSurfboards #surfboards #longboard #Longboarder #longboarding #ZeroEPS #wearelongboarders #paradise #puravida #surftrip #gongsurfshop

GONG SUP posted a photo
5 days ago

SHOP : GONG poncho in stock !!!

Ce poncho est l’accessoire indispensable pour se changer après une bonne session de kitesurf sans choper la crève et éviter l’attentat à la pudeur !
Chaud, épais et super absorbant, vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer ;)
Un accessoire pratique et pas cher à seulement 29€.
Retrouvez ce poncho sur le shop en cliquant ici : https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Products/GON6PONCHO

This Poncho is an accessory that is indispensable for changing after a sweet Kitesurf session, avoid catching cold and indecent exposure !
Warm, thick and super absorbent, you can’t pass this up ;).
A practical & inexpensive access at only 29€.
Find this poncho on the online shop by clicking here: https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Products/GON6PONCHO

Kiteboardeuse : Marine et son GONG poncho.
#GONGSurfboards #GONGponcho #poncho #aftersession #accessory #essentialaccessory #gongkiteshop

GONG SUP posted a link
5 days ago

FEEDBACK : GONG Surf Daybag longboard !!!
"Good materials and top quality"
#GONGSurfboards #surfboards #surfboardbag #boardbags #longboardbag #feedback #gongsurfshop

GONG Surfboards added 5 new photos — tagged GONG SUP 6'10 FATAL 80 PRO 2019 and GONG SUP 7'1 FATAL 95 PRO 2019.
GONG Surfboards added 5 new photos — tagged GONG SUP 6'10 FATAL 80 PRO 2019 and GONG SUP 7'1 FATAL 95 PRO 2019.
5 days ago

GEAR : Fatal PRO 2019 in stock !!!

Le shortSUP pour tout fracasser dans les petites conditions.
Car c’est là son point fort. Son nose large est absolument génial pour s’engager au take off et dans la pente, et ensuite ça accélère. Les bottoms sont rageurs et son tail couplé aux wingers assurent une excellente accélération pour garder toute la vitesse nécessaire avant d’envoyer votre top turn. Elle offre également une excellente tenue et ce qu’il faut comme stabilité pour savourer des vagues creuses. Une planche qui se drive à l’instinct qui n’aura pour limite que celle que vous lui donnerez.
Disponible en 4 tailles (6’10, 7’1, 7’3 et 7’7), équipée d’une technologie haut de gamme full Carbon légère et performante, pour seulement 899€.
Retrouvez cette planche sur le shop en cliquant ici : https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Categories/SUP/%22SUP%20Shortboards%22

The shortSUP for trashing in small conditions.
That is her strong point. Her wide nose is definitely useful for take off and in the slope, and then she accelerates. A slicing bottom turn and she tightens up on her own to project you up onto the lip. She hold as well perfectly and keep stable for surfing hollow waves.
Rapid and instinctive, the only limits are your own !
Available in 4 sizes (6’10, 7’1, 7’3 et 7’7), made with a light and performante high end full Carbon technology, for only 899€.
Find this board on the online shop by clicking here: https://gongsupshop.com/epages/box1707.sf/fr_FR/?ObjectPath=/Shops/box1707/Categories/SUP/%22SUP%20Shortboards%22

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé et ses GONG SUP Fatal PRO 2019.
#GONGSurfboards #GONGSUP #sup #standuppaddle #supsurfing #shortSUP #FatalPRO #lightandlivelytechnology #gongsupshop

We sell direct, you save money !!!
Patrice Guénolé
Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company
+33 2 40 17 36 52

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10 months ago | 00:52

Loving this GONG SUP trip in Costa Rica teaser!

1 year ago | 03:13

This SUP surfer makes it look easy and effortless. Check out the perfectly executed nose press 360 about 20 seconds in. Surfing in on shore…

2 years ago | 02:01

Check out Xavier Leroy getting is cross-step down on the GONG 9'2Pro longboard SUP, these types of boards are the perfect antidote to the small…

2 years ago | 01:30

Leroy Xavier giving the GONG Curve Pro 90L a going over in France, the waves look super fun and Leroy is ripping as usual! Watching…

2 years ago | 02:33

Dayum, Leroy Xavier has got some silky skills on a long board! Check him out hot stepping his way around the 9'2 Freak from Gong SUP…

2 years ago | 3:6

Have you ever heard of the Soloshot? It's a device that FILMS YOU while you ride! You wear an armband and attach a camera to…

2 years ago | 03:18

You don't have to have a majestic beard to be good at SUP foiling, but it does help with the balance, apparently! When we first…

2 years ago | 03:06

This guys got some fancy foot-work going on. Check out Leroy Xavier styling it out in small waves on his Gong pro! Looks super fun.

2 years ago | 02:11

Right, I'm in. I want one of these. This looks frickin' awesome fun. Proper cool for mellow remote surf spots. Also appreciate how this guy…

2 years ago | 04:26

Some lunchtime shredding from the Gong Crew on some pretty crazy looking boards... Tiny fins for some super sliding...  

2 years ago | 04:09

This looks so fun, a nice variety to compliment a SUP surf quiver maybe... a single OC1...Small, but long waves, perfect to enjoy a break…

2 years ago | 07:37

More action from les Dudes over at GONG. These boys have things right: lunch break = surf break. Some slick stylish surf action.


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