There’s an unattainable pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, good thing that SUP is one of the most attainable sports out there, is that the secret to its success?

58 mins ago | 2:23

A SUP journey discovering the Basque Country in Spain featuring the Arii Nui inflatable blower stand up paddle, ideal for traveling and for outdoor adventures!...

4 hours ago | 03:36

Check out this legend - Twiggy surfoiling in Hawaii!...

2 days ago | 1:29

This edit is guaranteed to keep you on your toes - so good! Rio De Janeiro latest slab. Filmed and edited by Igor Hossmann...

3 days ago | 0:20

Soli Bailey's epic double-drainer during cyclone Linda, with a little stylish wipeout at the end! Video by Mikey Mallalieu...

5 days ago | 6:36

From paddling on the West Side to surfing the legendary North Shore of O'ahu, check out Blue Planet team riders Skyla Rayner and Sofie Simonsson along with sis...

6 days ago | 3:42

SUP Foiling with Flying Fish on a small day in Waikiki. Robert is on the 6'6 Easy Foiler board and the 1440 Easy Foiler. Jeff Chang is on a prone foil board! S...


SUP Schools

Browse our sup schools index, with hundreds of schools listed from all round the world you will be learning to stand up paddle board in no time at all.

Surf Sanctuary

United Kingdom

JB Adventures

United Kingdom


SUP Riders

Browse for your favourite pro stand up paddle boarders in our riders database, with hundreds of pro riders listed all your heroes are right here. Easily find what you are looking for by viewing popular stand up paddle boarders, male stand up paddle boarders or female stand up paddle boarders. Each rider profile gives you a quick overview of the latest posts they have shared from Facebook, information about themselves, related news posts, videos, magazine articles and cover shots they have ever featured in. Get all the latest news and information about your favourite stand up paddle boarders in one easy place.

SUP Technique

Bryn James is going to be working with us on our SUP technique section over the coming issues. He's a highly respected waterman who has a wealth of knowledge to share with you in the world of SUP. Our aim with the SUP technique part of the magazine is to make you a better rider and to give you the know-how you need to progress. We'll be covering both beginner, intermediate and expert skills in each issue.

SUP Technique - Dandasana - Stick Pose - Beginner
SUP Technique - Dandasana - Stick Pose - Beginner
Dandasana - Stick Pose - Beginner

This seated pose has low gravity therefore is stable on a Stand Up Paddelboard making it accessible to all levels. To achieve this pose, ensure you are seated directly over the handle in the middle of the board...

SUP Yoga
SUP Technique - Bumps, Curves and Rites of Passage - Part 1
SUP Technique - Bumps, Curves and Rites of Passage - Part 1
Bumps, Curves and Rites of Passage - Part 1

An to Long Boards, Shortboards and Wave Riding SUP’s Venturing into the surf from flat-water paddling for the very first time, albeit exciting - can be both daunting and dangerous, for yourself as well as o...

SUP Technique - Matsyasana - Fish Pose - Intermediate
SUP Technique - Matsyasana - Fish Pose - Intermediate
Matsyasana - Fish Pose - Intermediate

This pose opens the back, shoulders and chest. Make sure you position the lower back over the handle so you are central on the board. The modified version of this pose is with the knees bent and feet firmly on...

SUP Yoga

SUP Reviews

Take a look at all the latest and greatest sup reviews right here on our site. We've been testing and reviewing the latest sup equipment for years and our in depth sup reviews are revered the world over as being honest and up front. Easily find what you are looking for by browsing many categories or use our innovative search feature to find the right reviews you are looking for.

SUP Reviews - F-One SUP Papenoo Pro Convertible 7'7 2017
SUP Reviews - F-One SUP Papenoo Pro Convertible 7'7 2017
F-One SUP Papenoo Pro Convertible

This board is bang on trend as to where SUP surfing is going for a lot of people. Parallel rails are really the thing of the moment, and this board is straight out of that way of thinking. Lots of brands are n...

SUP Reviews - RRD Razzle Paddle R 90 2017
SUP Reviews - RRD Razzle Paddle R 90 2017
RRD Razzle Paddle R 90

Paddle technology has come a long way in recent years, and the difference between a high-end paddle like the Razzle from RRD and an entry level one has never been starker. This is the very top end of the range...

SUP Reviews - F-One SUP Matira 11'0 2017
SUP Reviews - F-One SUP Matira 11'0 2017
F-One SUP Matira

F-One have two lines of inflatable SUPs, the SuperStiff and the LightWeight models do exactly what they say on the tin. One uses more material to create a stiffer board, the catch being the extra weight, the o...


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