Tried and Tested

We have a range of boards on test this issue, from inflatables to wave sticks as well as an adjustable paddle from F-One.

14 hours ago | 0:50

Check out this teaser of Sunova Action Video Part 1, James Casey in Around the World! Follow Jimmy in his adventure to foil the most iconic places in the World...

1 day ago | 8:16

Just an ordinary day in the life of Kai Lenny! Scored some waves at Pipeline for the SUP division of the Da Hui Backdoor Shoot, attempted to fly home for the...

1 day ago | 2:57

Hayling Island looks a sweet SUP spot... check out this video by Sam Gillespie - I had a laugh at 2:04! Some epic 14-second swells yesterday morning at Hayling...

2 days ago | 1:4

Dammmnn that dog's got some serious skills! I'm impressed how he manages to stay on the board - it's not exactly the smoothest conditions to take your dog out...

3 days ago | 2:13

Hey ladies! Check out the Diamond SUP by Fanatic for all-around performance - she's gorgeous! Learn How To Stand Up Paddle Board with the Fanatic Diamond The 2...

3 days ago | 2:35

Ahhh man! check out these MAD wipeouts at Jaws! Jaws Peahi Maui Big Wave Surfing Wipeouts SONY 4K January 13, 2018 surfers carnage 20+ft Waves...


SUP Riders

Browse for your favourite pro stand up paddle boarders in our riders database, with hundreds of pro riders listed all your heroes are right here. Easily find what you are looking for by viewing popular stand up paddle boarders, male stand up paddle boarders or female stand up paddle boarders. Each rider profile gives you a quick overview of the latest posts they have shared from Facebook, information about themselves, related news posts, videos, magazine articles and cover shots they have ever featured in. Get all the latest news and information about your favourite stand up paddle boarders in one easy place.

SUP Technique

Bryn James is going to be working with us on our SUP technique section over the coming issues. He's a highly respected waterman who has a wealth of knowledge to share with you in the world of SUP. Our aim with the SUP technique part of the magazine is to make you a better rider and to give you the know-how you need to progress. We'll be covering both beginner, intermediate and expert skills in each issue.

SUP Technique - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana - Mermaid Pose - Advanced
SUP Technique - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana - Mermaid Pose - Advanced
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana - Mermaid Pose - Advanced

Unleash your inner mermaid with this beautiful mermaid pose. This more advanced pose, is for Yogis who like a challenge. From pigeon pose, bend the back knee and cradle the toes into the crease of the elbow. Ma...

SUP Yoga
SUP Technique - Sirsasana - Headstand - Advanced
SUP Technique - Sirsasana - Headstand - Advanced
Sirsasana - Headstand - Advanced

For those who love a challenge and don’t mind getting wet! Not recommended for those who have head, neck and shoulder problems or those who have high blood pressure or are pregnant. This pose requires a lot o...

SUP Yoga
SUP Technique - Matsyasana - Fish Pose - Intermediate
SUP Technique - Matsyasana - Fish Pose - Intermediate
Matsyasana - Fish Pose - Intermediate

This pose opens the back, shoulders and chest. Make sure you position the lower back over the handle so you are central on the board. The modified version of this pose is with the knees bent and feet firmly on...

SUP Yoga

SUP Reviews

Take a look at all the latest and greatest sup reviews right here on our site. We've been testing and reviewing the latest sup equipment for years and our in depth sup reviews are revered the world over as being honest and up front. Easily find what you are looking for by browsing many categories or use our innovative search feature to find the right reviews you are looking for.

SUP Reviews - RRD Morpho 9'4 2017
SUP Reviews - RRD Morpho 9'4 2017
RRD Morpho

To look at, this board is typical of RRD. I’ve known them as a brand for well over a decade now and seen their various offerings in SUP/Kite and windsurf over the years and I like the fact they often defy co...

All Rounder
SUP Reviews - F-One SUP Peak Vario Carbon 2017
SUP Reviews - F-One SUP Peak Vario Carbon 2017
F-One SUP Peak Vario Carbon

As with all the F-One gear I’ve seen, be it kite or SUP, this is an incredibly well-finished piece of equipment. There is a smart sheen finish on the lower half of the shaft, and then the upper half uses wha...

SUP Reviews - Jimmy Lewis Hanalei 10'0 2017
SUP Reviews - Jimmy Lewis Hanalei 10'0 2017
Jimmy Lewis Hanalei

Some boards you just want to look at, and the Hanalei is one of those. I think for me it was the fact it felt well proportioned, at 130 litres spread over the 10-foot length and 28-inch width the volume seems...

All Rounder

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